About Us

Thank you for visiting Chloe Hayward Apparel and stumbling across the About Us page.

You may be wondering what does the text on the front say or why does it say that? “Does that make sense?” is something that I say a lot either online or in everyday conversation. It clicked one day that I say it way too much and I thought this would be sick on a hoodie; then The Uncertain Collection was brought to life.
The first line of text is backwards because it makes it harder to read which relates to the saying, but my favourite part is when you look in the mirror, the backwards sentence reads correctly.

The second line is basically a reflection of the top sentence but if you look down at your chest, you are able to read it yourself.

I also added the smiley symbol on the sleeve as I think it’s a great personal touch: I have that exact symbol tattooed on my arm. There can be lots of meanings for the symbol but for me, it represents life. You can choose whether you see your life in a positive or negative way and it’s only you that can decide that. Wow that got deep.

For every product sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation which are a wildlife charity that focus on creating healthy seas and protecting these beautiful animals. These creatures resonate with myself and my family for personal reasons which is why I picked this charity in supporting them.